Steps to take care of blinds

Curtains and blinds can be very sensitive because they are fragile hence, taking care of these are extremely important. There are a lot of steps that are involved in taking care of them because not all of them are manual. As there are motorized ones as well, there has to be extra care which has to be taken while cleaning them.

  • Use soft cloths

Since these are fragile things you must make sure that you use softer fabric to clean them because if you use anything that is hard it can spoil the texture of the blinds and it can kill the overall appearance of the place. Hence, using softer fabric to clean is very important for the curtains to last-long.

  • Sponges can be better

When you use sponges the dust that is accumulated on them gets easily attracted to the sponge hence, cleaning becomes easier. Therefore, when you are cleaning expensive curtains and blinds you must ensure that you aren’t using any sharp objects or any other things which can damage it.

  • Use spray to clean the spots

Spots from the curtains bought from to be cleaned with sprays instead of piercing the curtains or using any other things to remove the spots because at times layers of these things can come out when you exert a lot of force to it. Hence, spray cleaning is the best methods to clean them.

  • Fabric blinds can be dry cleaned

If the blinds at your home or office are made of fabric you can take it to a dry-cleaner for cleaning because these people would know the tricks to get the cleaning done right on these things. Well, these are some of the ways that can be followed in order to clean the curtains and blinds.