Roberto Casula is Passionate about the Exposure and Future of Eni S.P.A


Roberto Casula, who can be considered as the main pillar of Eni S.P.A was born in Cagliari in the year 1962. After becoming a part of Eni in 1988 thereby joining the S.P.A as a Reservoir Engineer, he did not have to look back.

roberto casulaAfter making a fine start at Eni with the designation of Reservoir Engineer, Roberto Casula began to focus on his work in Italian Oilfields. This was followed by his migration to West Africa thereby becoming the Chief Development Engineer. Afterwards, he came back to Milan with the designation of coordinator of development concerning business in favour of Middle East and Africa.

After being designated as the Technical Service Manager relating to Headquarter, Casula became a gas project’s director on a large scale in 2001 at Middle East. This was followed by his grabbing of a number of posts relating to managerial position in Eni and E&P prior to his stepping in the shoes of the Eni’s Managing Director in 2005 at Libya.

The year 2007 is worth mentionable as Roberto Casula assumed the title of Vice President on senior level who was in charge of the operational with business deeds propagating in Sub-Saharan areas of Africa.

Designated as the Executive Vice President: The turning pointroberto casula

This perhaps led to his selection as the Decision-making Vice President (of Eni and E&P Division) in 2011 thus paving the way for the expansion of his tasks to the entire of Africa as well as that of Middle East including the unique program regarding the development relating to the discoveries of Coral and the detection of Mamba in Mozambique.

Beside this, Roberto Casula devoted the much of the precious time of his life for the progression and extension of Eni S.P.A which includes his own promotion in his level of designation. Behind all these things lies his concern for Eni.


According to him curiosity is the key which comes out anywhere at any time. He said that trends that are technological excite him much.

John Lippmann: The Brain Behind The Reboot Of Book-Of-The-Month- Club!

Book-of-the-month club founded in 1926 was slowly losing popularity amongst the readers and was almost at the verge of closing. But, voila! John Lippmann converted this boring book subscription to an e-commerce service especially for the millennial women. Once it started out in the open market, there was no looking back. Currently this e-commerce subscription supplies a choice of five hard cover books to its members every month and the member gets a chance to select from these books, the one that they want to receive through the subscription.

In the year 2012, John Lippmann bought a major chunk of Bookspan which is the parent company of book of the month club. So, he applied his mastermind and shifted the existing customers of the book-of-the-month club to the other sub-divisional clubs included in the Bookspan family!

Later, in 2015 he took the initiative and relaunched the book of the month club with a new profile and newer subscriptions. His idea of making the new book of the month club an online only subscription came out as a revolution where the customer experience has been completely re-designed. But, John Lippmann did not prohibit the customers from discovering amazing new books instead he made the entire procedure online which gave the existing customers an opportunity to easily get hold of the best books in a jiffy.

The most interesting part is that the five hardcover books that are selected for the customers as options is done by a panel of judges which keep changing every three to six months stretch. Moreover, to keep things spiced up John makes sure that every week they introduce a new celebrity guest judge for the selection procedure of the book.

John Lippman has been exclusively working on the new book of the month club and it is definitely growing rapidly. The reception of the newly re-launched club has been overwhelming and he continues to work harder and come-up with newer techniques to take the book of the month club to its peak.

Humanitarian Needs Are Worth Fulfillment

Role Of Leaders

Whenever the common man is in distress or any kind of emergency situation, there occurs the importance of the political leaders to lead the perfect way to the majority of the people. Yael Eckstein is one of those renowned and popular leaders, who have changed the direction of the environment leading to the betterment of the society. Even when she was not designated as the President of IFCJ, she was active support to the Jewish community against the Christians standing with her father. In addition to which, she also stood for different other social issues. She has a flair of handling multiple tasks, simultaneously.Yael Eckstein

Urgent Actions

President of IFCJ- Yael Eckstein has been working sincerely and dedicatedly, for the cordial relationship between Christians and the Jews. In order to ensure the growth of the economy, with the peace and harmony around. Different missions in the direction of the human benefits are carried on in various countries to offer the basic necessities of life. IFCJ is able to extend the helping hand to more than 1.6 million people who were in need of the immediate action plans. So, they can not remain deprived of food- clothing- medical aid and other essentials of life.Yael Eckstein

The organization has raised a considerable amount of donations and grants, in order to offer the required essentials of life and the way of livelihood to the maximum number of people. Since the settling down of the migrated population is not easy, in another place which is unknown to them. In addition to that, Yael Eckstein popularize various channels of communication. So that society can grow in the technically modern world, without lacking behind from other countries anyways. For the organization, the progress of everyone is equally important to them.

What made IFCJ very transparent?

Not many non-profits use the donations wisely and actually spend for what the donations are made by the donors. However, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is totally different in the way it operates. This will publish on how they have spent every penny that is donated by the donors. This is what makes them transparent and accountable. This is gaining the popularity as the most trustworthy charitable organization that is helping Jews to fight poverty. IFCJ ratingsThey are also helping people who are victims of Terrorism and wars by distributing meals, clothes and medicine to recover from the trauma.

Here is what made this non-profit organization very transparent

Has been added to the IRS Tax exempt IFCJ ratings list

The IRS will have a list of nonprofit organizations that would receive tax deductible charitable contributions. This non-profit organization is registered with 501(c ) (3) and its name appear on the list. The donors who are donating funds would get tax exemption by submitting this proof.

Has a good rating in charity watchdog sites

No one will rate the non-profit organization that is scamming the people’s money. This organization has got top ratings for maintaining transparency in the financial information and for being accountable for all their program activities. This site will give IFCJ ratings to the charitable organization based on their efficiency, transparency and accountability. IFCJ ratingsAs this organization has met all these three factors, therefore it has got a good rating. The donors are assured that their donations are well spent and are going into the programs. These people before rating will also take overhead expenses into consideration. The reputation of this IFCJ ratings organization has increased due to its good rating on watchdog sites.

Post 990 on the site

The IRS form 990 is a public document that is available to the common public on different websites. You can post this document on the site and make it available to your donors. These people also make the audit summary available on the site.

Some Things You Can Avoid While Booking the Hotel Online  

The very experience of booking a hotel may turn out to be daunting for some people. You have to understand that whatever you see online, may not turn out to be true when presented before you. A very safe option is to book rooms in five star hotels. However, it may not be within the budget of all people. The chances of having bad experiences in those places is however very little. You can of course submit your preferences to the hotel authorities when you go somewhere. You will be accommodated according to the availability of rooms in the hotel.

Reservations.comNo outlandish requests

Different hotels are of course known for their hospitality and way they fulfil demands of the guests. You must however not make any kind of outlandish demands from the hotel staffs. Even if you throw your money or weight around, not everything is available for you, whenever you want. You must also always submit the correct date of arrival and departure from the hotel. If you make even a small mistake here, then you may end up without a room for a night. It is therefore best to double-check and ensure that you have entered the correct information.

Check about the hotel

Reservations.comMost of the hotels are known to provide with free reservations. Even if you make cancellations, then also no extra amount is deducted from you. You have to keep these things in mind and check them out from Filling out all the forms and documents required by the hotel is also mandatory.

Get good rates

The company booking your hotels, should be able to book great quality rooms for you. Many people may tell you about low hotel price, but end up charging a lot, by lieu of hidden taxes etc. if you do your booking from proper places, then these things can be avoided.

IFCJ Offers Innumerable Development Options

Progression Aimed

In the form of remedies collected and built, for emergency situations. IFCJ is able to provide the relief and escape to the majority of the people who have been stuck in their situations, without any mistake of their own. The reason could be any, but the solution needs to be quick and relieving for them. This is being fully taken into consideration so that no one remains deprived of the essential needs and the minimum standard of living in the country. As it is, war and depression have resulted in the worse conditions of human life.IFCJ

IFCJ has created the centres in almost every city of Israel, for sorting any kind of challenges in the areas. That can occur without the least notice, from the disasters. The organization is preparing a lot of experts, who have the capability of handling the war-like situations and the after-effects of the bomb explosions if any. The best part of the organization is to make people understand the reality of the situation, without getting traumatized. Since it would be the only way, to make everyone strong and firm for preventing the psychology from getting damaged.

Easy Life Achievable

With the maximum number of voluntary workers, IFCJ is continually adding to the most dedicated people who are eligible to handle the instantly occurred situations and does not get impacted with the negativity of the circumstances. Since the bomb explosions and the wars are resulting in the occurrence of inhuman scenes, that are difficult for normal people to view even. So the specific training and sessions are being conducted by the professional leaders and associates of the organization, that can help to strengthen the confidence and mental power of the people which is truly essential to achieve the normal life.