Activities that are performed by the IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews)


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews have different activities to perform and on which the IFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings basically depend. The main activity of the members is to bring people belonging to the Jewish and Christian tribe together but that can be considered as the goal. There are numerous other works and activities to be performed by the IFCJ to accomplish their goals. IFCJThe activities mainly focus on solving the problems which maybe either minor or major depending upon the circumstances.

The different activities performed by the IFCJ

The members of the IFCJ mainly focus on solving the five major problems that prevail currently which may be summarized and listed down as follows:

  1. On wings of eagles are working on flying Jews from different parts of the world including Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Arab, Europe and other parts of the world and making immigration to Israel (or aliyah) and help these new immigrants in settling in Israel.IFCJ
  2. The Guardians of Israel fulfill all the basic needs of needy which maybe clothing, food, etc. by assisting several other ongoing projects such as the soup kitchens, medical assistance and lifting the living standards.
  3. Isaiah 58 has the duty to provide food packages, distribute hot food on in a vehicle, medicines, clothing, fuels and many other basic things. They have and are presently helping the Soviet Jews and even give the street children and orphan kids proper education facilities.
  4. Stand for Israel provokes churches and other Christian leader to pray for the Jews so that they can coexist in peace.
  5. 4zion is a group of young bloods mainly comprised of students and Israeli supporters.


The question ‘Is IFCJ a good charity?’ is beautifully answered through their work. The IFCJ rating is quite high for this sole reason.

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