How Hotels Should Take Advantage of Instagram Business Profiles

Do you know that Instagram is the first social media platform to hit 100 million active users per month! Yes, you heard it right. Social media is all about appearances, and one image is capable of speaking a hundred words. From celebrities to Instagram influencers, so many people are making tons of revenue with the help of this platform. If used right, Instagram can help a lot and as you are into the hotel business, using Instagram will make a great impact on your business.

Reservations.comAs you are into the hotel business, you will eventually have a high chance of generating leads from Instagram.

Create a Business Profile

If you already have an account for your hotel promotions, it is better to turn it into a business account. Most of the businesses have a business profile where the company promotes its offers, etc. The business profile is capable of driving more traffic than the normal account. According to the stats provided by Instagram, more than 200 million users visit the business pages at least once a day and 75% of them take action too. On top of that, one-third of the most viewed stories are related to business profiles only.

How to Make it Attractive?

Setting up a business profile is the first step. Now you have to post beautiful images of your hotel in the account. If you visit the Instagram account of, you will see beautiful scenic images and attractively edited offers posters, etc. These images will help in driving traffic for your website. You can add “behind the scenes” images too to give a personal touch to the followers.

Instagram account is a big addition for travel-based businesses like hotels. You can link the account with a Facebook page and gain traffic from Facebook too.

Key Features of Hotel Reservations on Hotel Booking Engine

You may not be familiar with the relevance of hotel reservation, but it’s valuable when you plan a trip with your family or business associate. If you are a frequent flyer, you definitely be aware of the value of hotel reservation.

Important aspect of a trip

Reservations.comThe most important aspect of trip is accommodation on the destination point. You can’t reach any destination without a plan and waste your time to find a place to stay. You just can’t wander with luggage in your hand. You can’t keep people accompanying you on the trip to suffer because you have no place to stay. You may be fortunate to get accommodation in some good hotel when you reach on the destination, but you may not always be so lucky. You cannot take this risk in the peak season.

Importance of hotel reservation

Some tourist destinations, especially paradise destinations on the earth, attract exceptionally large number of tourists during peak season, maybe summer or winter, because this depends on the type of holiday destination that differs from place to place. Reservations.comWhen some destination is venue of a global conference, accommodation in all small and big hotels remains occupied during conference days. Thus, hotel reservation is important for most of the times during a year; it is rather good to reserve a hotel every time during the trip.

Key features of the reservation

When you make hotel reservation, you enjoy key features of the reservation, as you find by making reservation on The important features of hotel reservation on reservation engine are hotel inventory from across the various types of worldwide hotels, access to best hotel deals, chance to get access to thousands of verified reviews, get vacation packages, make secure transactions, and 24×7 support. Such a large number of advantages on a single platform can’t be availed otherwise. The best way is to use hotel reservation engine for best results.

John Lippmann took initiative to establish the BOMC!

The Book of the month club comes with the vision of the CEO John Lippmann who has acquired the parent company known as the Bookspan in the year 2012 and has taken the initiative to develop a completely new and different business which would create an appeal in the mind of readers who are concerned about buying books online.

It is vital to accomplish the goal and so Lippmann has approached and moved the members who are now receiving the mail order catalogue to the Literary Guild Club of Bookspan. It is really necessary to build up a completely new BOMC that is feasible and would be possibly online. The main aim is to generate potential customers and gain membership plan from them through different social media channels.

Showing interest on the parent company

John Lippmann had sold the Evergreen to the BMG Rights management which is the division of Bertelsmann. John also involved into other entrepreneurial and deals with the objective driven company.  As an investor who owns the business would take the initiative to generate profits from the business and create interest among public over time.

Struggling to establish book club

According to John books is the first love who has acquired the parent company. It is really interesting in taking the things which had helped to learn the music business and then apply to the books. John Lippman took a lot of trouble and has undergone different things to establish the company.

The project was certainly a challenging task. It is really an interesting idea to come up with complete innovation in space. Amazon is quite a good place which will help to discover through different ways. It is the best opportunity to renew the Book of the Month in a way that can turn out to be highly relevant.


Tips to avoid falling prey to scammed charities

Many people are showing interest in taking part in philanthropic activities. However, if you want to donate money, you cannot go blindly and donate to something without doing proper due diligence about the charity. It is very important to check the legitimacy of the charities.

IFCJ reviewsOne best way to check the trustworthiness of the charity is by going through the IFCJ reviews that are left by the donors who already worked with the charity and are working with it. This gives clear insights that let you decide on whether or not to donate funds.

As per IFCJ reviews, few of the tips you can embrace to avoid falling prey to the scammed charities include:

Find the charity doing extensive research: You need to do in-depth research for the charities that are supporting your favorite cause and how they are spending the money donated by the donors. The reliable charities will publish every piece of information on the site to maintain transparency. If the site is not publishing its phone number and physical address, then you can give a pass to it. You need to find the charities that are IRS approved. Though, the charity is listed on IRS, still you need to hunt for its information to check its efficiency and effectiveness.IFCJ reviews

Learn about the charity: You can check tax exempt status of the IFCJ reviews organization and whether it is eligible to get tax deductible charitable contributions. You can check whether the organization is listed on the IRS list or not. There are different types of non-profits, but not all the organizations will get tax exemption. The nonprofit should have 501 (c) (3).

Use watchdog sites: These are the third party organization that would supervise the charitable world. Based on the information given by these people you can make a right decision. These people will rank the charities based on the transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Roberto Casula is Passionate about the Exposure and Future of Eni S.P.A


Roberto Casula, who can be considered as the main pillar of Eni S.P.A was born in Cagliari in the year 1962. After becoming a part of Eni in 1988 thereby joining the S.P.A as a Reservoir Engineer, he did not have to look back.

roberto casulaAfter making a fine start at Eni with the designation of Reservoir Engineer, Roberto Casula began to focus on his work in Italian Oilfields. This was followed by his migration to West Africa thereby becoming the Chief Development Engineer. Afterwards, he came back to Milan with the designation of coordinator of development concerning business in favour of Middle East and Africa.

After being designated as the Technical Service Manager relating to Headquarter, Casula became a gas project’s director on a large scale in 2001 at Middle East. This was followed by his grabbing of a number of posts relating to managerial position in Eni and E&P prior to his stepping in the shoes of the Eni’s Managing Director in 2005 at Libya.

The year 2007 is worth mentionable as Roberto Casula assumed the title of Vice President on senior level who was in charge of the operational with business deeds propagating in Sub-Saharan areas of Africa.

Designated as the Executive Vice President: The turning pointroberto casula

This perhaps led to his selection as the Decision-making Vice President (of Eni and E&P Division) in 2011 thus paving the way for the expansion of his tasks to the entire of Africa as well as that of Middle East including the unique program regarding the development relating to the discoveries of Coral and the detection of Mamba in Mozambique.

Beside this, Roberto Casula devoted the much of the precious time of his life for the progression and extension of Eni S.P.A which includes his own promotion in his level of designation. Behind all these things lies his concern for Eni.


According to him curiosity is the key which comes out anywhere at any time. He said that trends that are technological excite him much.

John Lippmann: The Brain Behind The Reboot Of Book-Of-The-Month- Club!

Book-of-the-month club founded in 1926 was slowly losing popularity amongst the readers and was almost at the verge of closing. But, voila! John Lippmann converted this boring book subscription to an e-commerce service especially for the millennial women. Once it started out in the open market, there was no looking back. Currently this e-commerce subscription supplies a choice of five hard cover books to its members every month and the member gets a chance to select from these books, the one that they want to receive through the subscription.

In the year 2012, John Lippmann bought a major chunk of Bookspan which is the parent company of book of the month club. So, he applied his mastermind and shifted the existing customers of the book-of-the-month club to the other sub-divisional clubs included in the Bookspan family!

Later, in 2015 he took the initiative and relaunched the book of the month club with a new profile and newer subscriptions. His idea of making the new book of the month club an online only subscription came out as a revolution where the customer experience has been completely re-designed. But, John Lippmann did not prohibit the customers from discovering amazing new books instead he made the entire procedure online which gave the existing customers an opportunity to easily get hold of the best books in a jiffy.

The most interesting part is that the five hardcover books that are selected for the customers as options is done by a panel of judges which keep changing every three to six months stretch. Moreover, to keep things spiced up John makes sure that every week they introduce a new celebrity guest judge for the selection procedure of the book.

John Lippman has been exclusively working on the new book of the month club and it is definitely growing rapidly. The reception of the newly re-launched club has been overwhelming and he continues to work harder and come-up with newer techniques to take the book of the month club to its peak.

Humanitarian Needs Are Worth Fulfillment

Role Of Leaders

Whenever the common man is in distress or any kind of emergency situation, there occurs the importance of the political leaders to lead the perfect way to the majority of the people. Yael Eckstein is one of those renowned and popular leaders, who have changed the direction of the environment leading to the betterment of the society. Even when she was not designated as the President of IFCJ, she was active support to the Jewish community against the Christians standing with her father. In addition to which, she also stood for different other social issues. She has a flair of handling multiple tasks, simultaneously.Yael Eckstein

Urgent Actions

President of IFCJ- Yael Eckstein has been working sincerely and dedicatedly, for the cordial relationship between Christians and the Jews. In order to ensure the growth of the economy, with the peace and harmony around. Different missions in the direction of the human benefits are carried on in various countries to offer the basic necessities of life. IFCJ is able to extend the helping hand to more than 1.6 million people who were in need of the immediate action plans. So, they can not remain deprived of food- clothing- medical aid and other essentials of life.Yael Eckstein

The organization has raised a considerable amount of donations and grants, in order to offer the required essentials of life and the way of livelihood to the maximum number of people. Since the settling down of the migrated population is not easy, in another place which is unknown to them. In addition to that, Yael Eckstein popularize various channels of communication. So that society can grow in the technically modern world, without lacking behind from other countries anyways. For the organization, the progress of everyone is equally important to them.

What made IFCJ very transparent?

Not many non-profits use the donations wisely and actually spend for what the donations are made by the donors. However, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is totally different in the way it operates. This will publish on how they have spent every penny that is donated by the donors. This is what makes them transparent and accountable. This is gaining the popularity as the most trustworthy charitable organization that is helping Jews to fight poverty. IFCJ ratingsThey are also helping people who are victims of Terrorism and wars by distributing meals, clothes and medicine to recover from the trauma.

Here is what made this non-profit organization very transparent

Has been added to the IRS Tax exempt IFCJ ratings list

The IRS will have a list of nonprofit organizations that would receive tax deductible charitable contributions. This non-profit organization is registered with 501(c ) (3) and its name appear on the list. The donors who are donating funds would get tax exemption by submitting this proof.

Has a good rating in charity watchdog sites

No one will rate the non-profit organization that is scamming the people’s money. This organization has got top ratings for maintaining transparency in the financial information and for being accountable for all their program activities. This site will give IFCJ ratings to the charitable organization based on their efficiency, transparency and accountability. IFCJ ratingsAs this organization has met all these three factors, therefore it has got a good rating. The donors are assured that their donations are well spent and are going into the programs. These people before rating will also take overhead expenses into consideration. The reputation of this IFCJ ratings organization has increased due to its good rating on watchdog sites.

Post 990 on the site

The IRS form 990 is a public document that is available to the common public on different websites. You can post this document on the site and make it available to your donors. These people also make the audit summary available on the site.

Some Things You Can Avoid While Booking the Hotel Online  

The very experience of booking a hotel may turn out to be daunting for some people. You have to understand that whatever you see online, may not turn out to be true when presented before you. A very safe option is to book rooms in five star hotels. However, it may not be within the budget of all people. The chances of having bad experiences in those places is however very little. You can of course submit your preferences to the hotel authorities when you go somewhere. You will be accommodated according to the availability of rooms in the hotel.

Reservations.comNo outlandish requests

Different hotels are of course known for their hospitality and way they fulfil demands of the guests. You must however not make any kind of outlandish demands from the hotel staffs. Even if you throw your money or weight around, not everything is available for you, whenever you want. You must also always submit the correct date of arrival and departure from the hotel. If you make even a small mistake here, then you may end up without a room for a night. It is therefore best to double-check and ensure that you have entered the correct information.

Check about the hotel

Reservations.comMost of the hotels are known to provide with free reservations. Even if you make cancellations, then also no extra amount is deducted from you. You have to keep these things in mind and check them out from Filling out all the forms and documents required by the hotel is also mandatory.

Get good rates

The company booking your hotels, should be able to book great quality rooms for you. Many people may tell you about low hotel price, but end up charging a lot, by lieu of hidden taxes etc. if you do your booking from proper places, then these things can be avoided.

IFCJ Offers Innumerable Development Options

Progression Aimed

In the form of remedies collected and built, for emergency situations. IFCJ is able to provide the relief and escape to the majority of the people who have been stuck in their situations, without any mistake of their own. The reason could be any, but the solution needs to be quick and relieving for them. This is being fully taken into consideration so that no one remains deprived of the essential needs and the minimum standard of living in the country. As it is, war and depression have resulted in the worse conditions of human life.IFCJ

IFCJ has created the centres in almost every city of Israel, for sorting any kind of challenges in the areas. That can occur without the least notice, from the disasters. The organization is preparing a lot of experts, who have the capability of handling the war-like situations and the after-effects of the bomb explosions if any. The best part of the organization is to make people understand the reality of the situation, without getting traumatized. Since it would be the only way, to make everyone strong and firm for preventing the psychology from getting damaged.

Easy Life Achievable

With the maximum number of voluntary workers, IFCJ is continually adding to the most dedicated people who are eligible to handle the instantly occurred situations and does not get impacted with the negativity of the circumstances. Since the bomb explosions and the wars are resulting in the occurrence of inhuman scenes, that are difficult for normal people to view even. So the specific training and sessions are being conducted by the professional leaders and associates of the organization, that can help to strengthen the confidence and mental power of the people which is truly essential to achieve the normal life.

Blake Orlandi: Man, Who Refurbished Brand Image of Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club is the name of successful subscription commerce business among many other similar businesses, and name of three different personalities is attached to this success; John Lippman is its Chief Executive Officer, Blake Orlandi is Chief Operating Officer, and Delaney Manders is Chief technical Officer. None of the three higher-level executives is founder of this organization which was founded by Harry Scherman in 1926.

Founding of Book of the Month Club

Harry Scherman was a copywriter for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in 1916 when he set out to create the “Little Leather Library”. His building interest in a new book led him to found Book of the Month Club.

History of the Club

Harry’s Club operates a subscription program, similar to other box subscription services. The performance of the Club is not impressive historically because the club operated through mail-order catalogs that didn’t make influence on subscribers. Members had the option decline the selection or to order a new book or merchandise instead. The absence of response was automatically deemed selection. Membership involved a “negative response” system whereby a member was shipped the monthly selection on a particular date if the selection was not declined before that date.

The Club after Orlandi’s joining


The success story of Book of the Month Club begins with joining of Blake Orlandi as its Chief Operating Officer in September 2015. The efforts made in the Club before joining of Blake were not yielding. Maybe, Blake was specifically offered this position, keeping in view his commendable performance in Bookspan, LLC, the last organization he served as Chief Operating Officer; the position was same, but more challenging in Book of the Month Club.

Refurbished image of the Club

Blake Orlandi did a great job in taking Book of the Month Club to a new height. He is successful in discharging the responsibilities he was offered in the Club and refurbished the brand image of the Club with a new look after its relaunch.

IFCJ Ratings Have Increased Over Years in Great Numbers

What is most important part of humanity? It is to help someone or a community so that they get benefited and get out of their bad situation. This is the case that was prevalent among the Jews who had taken refuge in Israel. IFCJ ratingsThe miserable condition of the people shook a man. He was the first to take an opportunity to help them in their need. This gave them an ample chance so that they could get over such conditions.

How did this influence the IFCJ ratings?

IFCJ is meant to cater the Jews and Christians who need monetary help. The main fund has been raised by the Christians who have helped them to fight these difficult situations. They are still helping the institution to cater to the needy. This is a non-profit organization which has employed their most of the time in international affairs. This charitable society has thus increased their IFCJ ratings in this manner.

IFCJ ratingsThe charitable society developed their fame not only from the donations they gave but also from the charisma Yeichel Eckstein. The charisma and fame he had went in favor of the fellowship. This had an extra feedback on the society.

How IFCJ came into this position?

It did not come to this place just by any means but it required the hard work of both Yeichel Eckstein and Yale Eckstein. His daughter has taken up the responsibility now. She has also good educational and mass communication skills. Thus the position and contribution that this society can make towrads the Christians and especially the Jews is worth mentioning. This is thus an wonderful criteria where this society could increase their IFCJ ratings based on the persons involved in their society.

So it goes as the saying that if we work hand for anything we get it by any means.

One of the Elite distributors of OEM parts, Partzilla shipping

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More about the company, Partzilla shipping

Partzilla shippingOutdoor Networks (ODN) sister concern company is, a collection of websites, having authorized dealerships and one of the major distribution facilities devoted to selling original aftermarket and OEM parts. For more than two decades ODN is shoving hard to come with the accurate upgrade, right fix or fit. They work hard to meet expectations and feel honoured in serving dedicated enthusiasts.

They have maintained their standards of providing high-quality products and proudly reveals ResellerRatings of 5-star on 19,000+ reviews. By seeing the logo of ODN on any products one can rest assured that they are dealing with the right products.

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Shipping rates

Standard rates of shipping are applied on all orders coming from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and all territories of U.S. shipping rates depend on the order amount measured in dollars. Travelling time depends on the location of shipment and starts’ counting once the processing is done. Processing time depends on the availability of stock. During checkout one can check the shipping rates, before placing an order. With Partzilla shipping, one can ship products internationally.

The formation and operation of International Fellowship of Christians and Jew

Since 1983, for many years, IFCJ has been a great organization in maintaining a healthy relation between Jews and Christians. They are a not-for-profit organization improving and increasing understanding and welfare between people of two great and majority faiths. IFCJ reviews, this organization has helped out many Jews and has provided them with better life and place to live which they can call home; they helped Jew who did not have money for even food or any place to stay. IFCJ reviewsThis organization also helped Jews living under stress, pressure, and abuse due to the different community by bringing them to the State of Israel and providing them with Employment and most importantly safety and security. This organization collects funds well over $100 million and more, out of which half Is used for the State of Israel, the other half is used for the poor, orphan and needy, for helping support soup kitchens, caretaking home and for newly making shelter’s for a bomb. About $25 million every year is spent on aid scheme for Jewish members. IFCJ reviewed that International Fellowship of Christians and Jews organization also help the victims of war which took place in Israel.

About the founder of International Fellowship of Christians and Jew Rabbi Eckstein

 IFCJ reviewsYechiel Z. Eckstein being a Social worker spent the whole of his life in bringing Jews and Christians together. IFCJ review He worked for the betterment and welfare of the people of the Jewish religion. He wanted a peaceful community in which Jews could be tolerated by other religion such as Christianity. IFCJ review, He lived from 1951-2019 and in these years he helped in the development of understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians. Throughout the world, he is known as the religious freedom advocate.

Things to do Before Planning a Vacation

Planning a trip can be quite fun, but it can also be overwhelming. You will be excited to be heading to that exotic destination for your upcoming vacation, but in order to have a happiest time, it’s wise to invest a bit of time in early to ensure that you have done your legwork. Many travel websites like provides abundant of information when it comes to vacation. So, you can make use of these information to make your vacation more fruitful and enjoyable.

Factors to Ponder before Planning a Vacation

Brainstorm your ideas – This is the stage where you need to collect the ideas. When you are in a budget and cannot afford to spend more on vacation then you can explore places that are locale and nature friendly. However, when you want to make your vacation more exquisite and less concerned about budget, you can explore exotic places that includes exquisite dining as well.

Check for the expiration date of your passport and visa– If you have plan to cross borders then it is essential that your passport be valid for six months after your return date. Generally, it takes six weeks for the passport renewals so make your plans ahead to avoid disappointments.

Stock your wallet– When you visit different countries, your currency is not going to work there. So either do a money exchange for the required funds or carry your credit cards, a minimum of 2. In addition, inform your issuers about the country you are visiting so you will not encounter any challenges or have identity issues when you use the card in a different place.


Your trip planning will not end only analyzing these three aspects rather it includes a few more. So make a checklist to avoid missing important things.

All the necessary information about Yael Eckstein

Who is Yael Eckstein?

Yael Eckstein is a very well-known person who is the President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. He became the President of this organization keeping in mind the different harassments and issues that were faced by the Jews by the Christians.Yael Eckstein

The Christians at that time were powerful and particularly harassed the Jewish trade due to which there was a sense of constant conflict between the two tribes. This fellowship presided over by Yael Eckstein was a very important and powerful move towards bringing a bridge of brotherhood between these two tribes belonging to different castes, namely Christians and Jews. This organization has a net worth of $120 million and Yael Eckstein works as an international spokesperson for harmonizing and taking care of the overseas relation. Yael before being the president was the Global Executive Vice President and even the Program Development Director and also Ministry Outreach.

About Yael Eckstein

Eckstein was a person who lived in Chicago. He studied in both the American and Israeli institution so basically the idea of the Christians and Jews was quite clear to him and he could easily understand the reasons behind their rivalry. He did his biblical study from the ToratChesed Seminary which is situated in Israel, he mastered in the Jewish and Sociology from Queen College which is situated in New York. He was also qualified enough and much deserving to study in the Hebrew University which is located at Jerusalem.

Yael Eckstein

Final Verdict

Yael Eckstein’s father who died much before was the founder of the Fellowship which was successful in bringing two castes who were at constant fight so close to each other. He founded the Fellowship in the year 1983 which was later presided over by his son, Yael Eckstein, a worthy man to preside over.

Three Important Skills That Will Help You Best Suited For The Social Services!

Are you planning to take up a career in social services? Do you want to help people around you? In the most professional way, of course! Then you must understand that the need of education is the most. It helps you Yael Ecksteinkeep an open mind and also helps you get through with the right direction in your life.

Apart from education you need some important skills that will help you in the social services no matter what. The likes of Yael Eckstein have these skills in order to help the society better. And if you already have these skills, chances are you will suit the social services job more than others.

The skills every social service worker needs:

Following are some of the most persistent skills that every social service worker must have within themselves:

  • Patience:

Patience is one of the most important skill that you will need this job. Understand it is one of the most Yael Ecksteinunrewarding and non-gratifying jobs that one can come across with. Therefore it is necessary for people to have immense amount of patience with them. It will help them get through with the social services easily.

  • Compassion:

When you are working for social services compassion is something you must have no matter what! Compassion is a skill that is hard to have. Yet it is necessary for the people to have the same. Yael Eckstein shows you how compassion can lead to a proper social service.

  • An open mind:

Having an open mind is possibly one of the greatest skills you can have. Understand when it is about social service you cannot be judgemental and cannot have any types of inclination towards any one cast or Creed or colour or species or gender. You will have to have an open mind towards everything.

Just like Yael Eckstein, if you have all of these qualities mentioned above, being in social service will be a piece of cake to you!

Save Some On Packages And Start Enjoying Your Holidays!

Hot summer deal offers the world’s top listed summer destinations. There are many award-winning travel websites which specialize in providing great deals on hotels, car rentals, and group bookings for travelling around the world. It strives to bring a friendly way for travellers to book online. Founded in the year 2004, it aims to provide a memorable experience to travellers in booking online.

Some important

  • After booking anyone can assess the receipt against their reservation on their mail, the confirmation mail on the successful reservation is the payment receipt.
  • On cancelling any reservations, no cancellation fees are required except a service fee of $14.99 which is included in total and is non-refundable. It is the standard process which also follows.
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  • Rate of room including fees and applicable taxes is fully prepaid. But charges like surcharges of hotel energy, resort fees, incidental charges, pet fees and parking fees are not included in the amount while booking, one has to pay these charges to the hotel directly if not mentioned otherwise during booking online.
  • For any modification in the hotel reservation, one may not get the exact rates for new reservations, as the rates fluctuate with the subject to availability. Anyone must go through the cancellation policy as mentioned in the confirmation mail.

Some of the feedbacks quoted is the bidding process is fantastic with filtered and organized an absolutely free service, it’s a hassle-free no need of calling and comparing round.

Why Would You Love to Play Online Domino QQ Poker?

Do you know some facts about online gambling? First of all, gambling is a term that refers to an activity not accepted by the society, though much thinking has changed with advent of online gambling. Second, its legal status is still unsure because somewhere, online gambling is deemed legal, but most countries have not legalized this activity. It is not allowed to people not having a legal age of 18 years. Third, online gambling is poker online terpercayaunregulated in most countries. Finally, people who are engaged in online gambling take an additional risk of cybercrime, apart from inherent risk of losing money in this game.

Why online gambling is preferred

Online gambling is same as traditional casino gambling but style of play has changed. It has become a more secret play and more lucrative by registering with a poker online terpercaya. Today, there are uncountable sites that offer innumerable online gambling and betting games. You can choose any site and pick any game on this site by simple one-time registration, and start playing online casino poker. You may not be conversant with play of all games that are available on the site, but you can select the ones you feel most comfort with their play. Domino qq poker online terpercayaterpercaya and it is more lucrative on a trusted poker agent site.

Unique online Domino qq poker

Domino qq is a unique game designed to keep you engaged and entertained for long time. This game was mostly played in casinos and popularly played on online casinos. Domino qq is quite different from other casino games and is most loved by gambling fans for its exceptional features. if you visit a trusted poker agent site and read Domino qq reviews, you would think of playing this game at least once, but this will not satisfy your desire to play this game. Once played, this game will invite you to play again and again. The lust of making money in this game is more inviting.

Activities that are performed by the IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews)


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews have different activities to perform and on which the IFCJ reviews and IFCJ ratings basically depend. The main activity of the members is to bring people belonging to the Jewish and Christian tribe together but that can be considered as the goal. There are numerous other works and activities to be performed by the IFCJ to accomplish their goals. IFCJThe activities mainly focus on solving the problems which maybe either minor or major depending upon the circumstances.

The different activities performed by the IFCJ

The members of the IFCJ mainly focus on solving the five major problems that prevail currently which may be summarized and listed down as follows:

  1. On wings of eagles are working on flying Jews from different parts of the world including Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Arab, Europe and other parts of the world and making immigration to Israel (or aliyah) and help these new immigrants in settling in Israel.IFCJ
  2. The Guardians of Israel fulfill all the basic needs of needy which maybe clothing, food, etc. by assisting several other ongoing projects such as the soup kitchens, medical assistance and lifting the living standards.
  3. Isaiah 58 has the duty to provide food packages, distribute hot food on in a vehicle, medicines, clothing, fuels and many other basic things. They have and are presently helping the Soviet Jews and even give the street children and orphan kids proper education facilities.
  4. Stand for Israel provokes churches and other Christian leader to pray for the Jews so that they can coexist in peace.
  5. 4zion is a group of young bloods mainly comprised of students and Israeli supporters.


The question ‘Is IFCJ a good charity?’ is beautifully answered through their work. The IFCJ rating is quite high for this sole reason.