Blake Orlandi: Man, Who Refurbished Brand Image of Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club is the name of successful subscription commerce business among many other similar businesses, and name of three different personalities is attached to this success; John Lippman is its Chief Executive Officer, Blake Orlandi is Chief Operating Officer, and Delaney Manders is Chief technical Officer. None of the three higher-level executives is founder of this organization which was founded by Harry Scherman in 1926.

Founding of Book of the Month Club

Harry Scherman was a copywriter for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in 1916 when he set out to create the “Little Leather Library”. His building interest in a new book led him to found Book of the Month Club.

History of the Club

Harry’s Club operates a subscription program, similar to other box subscription services. The performance of the Club is not impressive historically because the club operated through mail-order catalogs that didn’t make influence on subscribers. Members had the option decline the selection or to order a new book or merchandise instead. The absence of response was automatically deemed selection. Membership involved a “negative response” system whereby a member was shipped the monthly selection on a particular date if the selection was not declined before that date.

The Club after Orlandi’s joining


The success story of Book of the Month Club begins with joining of Blake Orlandi as its Chief Operating Officer in September 2015. The efforts made in the Club before joining of Blake were not yielding. Maybe, Blake was specifically offered this position, keeping in view his commendable performance in Bookspan, LLC, the last organization he served as Chief Operating Officer; the position was same, but more challenging in Book of the Month Club.

Refurbished image of the Club

Blake Orlandi did a great job in taking Book of the Month Club to a new height. He is successful in discharging the responsibilities he was offered in the Club and refurbished the brand image of the Club with a new look after its relaunch.

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