Challenges in Cardiac Surgery & How Dr. Casula Combat with Challenges

Most people having serious cardiac disorder might have heard the name Roberto Casula who is a leading cardiac surgeon in UK, skilled in advance surgical techniques. The cardiac surgeons in other countries sometimes recommend this name to their elite patients who can afford costs of advance surgical procedure and hospital say in UK. You understand why cardiac surgery using an advance technique is beyond reach of everyone. There are not too many cardiac surgeons who have access to advance surgical techniques. They don’t have even a skill of using advance technique.roberto casula

About Dr. Roberto Casula

Let’s know few things about Roberto Casula. He is a heart surgeon well-versed in minimally invasive robotic cardiac surgery. His areas of specialization are minimal access / invasive surgery, laparoscopic procedures or keyhole surgery, cardiac surgery, aortic surgery, and robotic surgery. A pioneer of advance surgical techniques and robotics, Dr. Casula has so far performed over 135 successful operations of heart patients using advance techniques. He studied medicine in Italy, but practicing his profession in a leading hospital in UK.

Challenges of cardiac surgery

His job is quite challenging, but feels it like a child’s play owing to a great skill in robotics. Think of stopping and restarting a heart and operating a heart when it is moving. A high-level skill is required to perform microsurgery on a beating heart, but innovative techniques and great surgeons like Roberto Casula have accepted these challenges. Dr. Casula has spent his time on learning innovative techniques and gained competence in using them on his patients.roberto casula

How Dr. Casula combat with challenges

Robotic cardiac surgery is an effective procedure for removal of a tumor in the heart, to repair or replace stiff or leaky heart valves, correction of atrial fibrillation which is a common type of arrhythmia, and treatment of congenital heart conditions. The risks of infection, heart attack, stroke, and fatality also persist in robotic cardiac surgery, but A cardio-surgeon like Dr. Casula understand this concern and take all precautions to prevent these risks.

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