How are the Christians raising money to serve the causes related to Jews?

There was a significant dampening of the French capital on this summer’s drizzling, yet the enthusiasm level of Yechiel Eckstein made him arrive at an earlier stage accompanied by his wife Joelle for a private tour atGreat Synagogue present in the city.There were strains of the internal relationships at a later stage when seen the circumstancesof the local community leader just after a span of time where the strain on the relationship was imposed on the relationship of the Israeli-American Orthodox rabbi with the establishment of the Jews.ifcj

This is why IFCJ calls it to be a tone change right after the visit.Is IFCJ a good charity? This is definitely not a question as it is renowned throughout the world for its noble causes throughout. The IFCJ reviews and the IFCJ ratings are set at the sky limit which helps the Jews for noble causes by fundraising techniques worldwide and mainly from the Christian organizations. The IFCJ rating is seen as a benchmark in the list today which is one of the top most servers for the Jewish causes.

Eckstein, who is 64 years of age now, was raised in Canada and is currently staying in Jerusalem. He went to Paris in the month of June to oversee one of the major initiatives that was conducted by IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews). This empire is philanthropic in nature and was started in 1983.ifcj

The empire now collects over 180 million dollars worldwide from the global donations each year among which most of the donating bodies are Christian philo-Semites.The mission services conducted by IFCJ initiate a spending of around 73% of its earnings each year which includes support relief programs worldwide, Israel’s solidarity, and outreach, and several other relevant factors.

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