How Hotels Should Take Advantage of Instagram Business Profiles

Do you know that Instagram is the first social media platform to hit 100 million active users per month! Yes, you heard it right. Social media is all about appearances, and one image is capable of speaking a hundred words. From celebrities to Instagram influencers, so many people are making tons of revenue with the help of this platform. If used right, Instagram can help a lot and as you are into the hotel business, using Instagram will make a great impact on your business.

Reservations.comAs you are into the hotel business, you will eventually have a high chance of generating leads from Instagram.

Create a Business Profile

If you already have an account for your hotel promotions, it is better to turn it into a business account. Most of the businesses have a business profile where the company promotes its offers, etc. The business profile is capable of driving more traffic than the normal account. According to the stats provided by Instagram, more than 200 million users visit the business pages at least once a day and 75% of them take action too. On top of that, one-third of the most viewed stories are related to business profiles only.

How to Make it Attractive?

Setting up a business profile is the first step. Now you have to post beautiful images of your hotel in the account. If you visit the Instagram account of, you will see beautiful scenic images and attractively edited offers posters, etc. These images will help in driving traffic for your website. You can add “behind the scenes” images too to give a personal touch to the followers.

Instagram account is a big addition for travel-based businesses like hotels. You can link the account with a Facebook page and gain traffic from Facebook too.

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