Humanitarian Needs Are Worth Fulfillment

Role Of Leaders

Whenever the common man is in distress or any kind of emergency situation, there occurs the importance of the political leaders to lead the perfect way to the majority of the people. Yael Eckstein is one of those renowned and popular leaders, who have changed the direction of the environment leading to the betterment of the society. Even when she was not designated as the President of IFCJ, she was active support to the Jewish community against the Christians standing with her father. In addition to which, she also stood for different other social issues. She has a flair of handling multiple tasks, simultaneously.Yael Eckstein

Urgent Actions

President of IFCJ- Yael Eckstein has been working sincerely and dedicatedly, for the cordial relationship between Christians and the Jews. In order to ensure the growth of the economy, with the peace and harmony around. Different missions in the direction of the human benefits are carried on in various countries to offer the basic necessities of life. IFCJ is able to extend the helping hand to more than 1.6 million people who were in need of the immediate action plans. So, they can not remain deprived of food- clothing- medical aid and other essentials of life.Yael Eckstein

The organization has raised a considerable amount of donations and grants, in order to offer the required essentials of life and the way of livelihood to the maximum number of people. Since the settling down of the migrated population is not easy, in another place which is unknown to them. In addition to that, Yael EcksteinĀ popularize various channels of communication. So that society can grow in the technically modern world, without lacking behind from other countries anyways. For the organization, the progress of everyone is equally important to them.

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