Is IFCJ A Good Charity For The World?

There is no dearth of charities in our world. But how do you recognize a good charity from among so many of them? And is IFCJ a good charity when it comes to the Christians and Jews? There are a lot of questions that might plague you if you desire to donate to a charity. And if you intend to lend a helping hand to Christians and Jews then IFCJ is the most sought after charitable organization.ifcj

Founded in the year of 1983, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has built up a powerful ad impactful presence in the world. There are a number of reasons why you should choose this one over the other. They are as follows:

  • Financial Accountability

This might seem like an odd reason to be placed on top of the list but this is the one which differentiates itself from other similar charities. IFCJ ratings take financial accountability very seriously and strive to ensure that there is complete transparency with the official regulations and its donors.

This is a vital part of the functioning of this organization as this particular practice ensures that its donors are informed about the ways in which their donations are being used to make this world a better place. This transparency in turn promotes more donations from like-minded people and organizations as found through reports of IFCJ rating.

  • Undertaking various programs and initiatives

The IFCJ reviews highlight the history of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. And throughout its history the common thing has been its objective to build a bridge based on understanding and harmony between the Christians and Jews.IFCJ

This understanding and harmony has been achieved with the help of a number of programs launched and initiatives undertaken to help the world become a better place. Some of these programs include the On Wings of Eagles, Stand for Israel and many more.

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