John Lippmann: The Brain Behind The Reboot Of Book-Of-The-Month- Club!

Book-of-the-month club founded in 1926 was slowly losing popularity amongst the readers and was almost at the verge of closing. But, voila! John Lippmann converted this boring book subscription to an e-commerce service especially for the millennial women. Once it started out in the open market, there was no looking back. Currently this e-commerce subscription supplies a choice of five hard cover books to its members every month and the member gets a chance to select from these books, the one that they want to receive through the subscription.

In the year 2012, John Lippmann bought a major chunk of Bookspan which is the parent company of book of the month club. So, he applied his mastermind and shifted the existing customers of the book-of-the-month club to the other sub-divisional clubs included in the Bookspan family!

Later, in 2015 he took the initiative and relaunched the book of the month club with a new profile and newer subscriptions. His idea of making the new book of the month club an online only subscription came out as a revolution where the customer experience has been completely re-designed. But, John Lippmann did not prohibit the customers from discovering amazing new books instead he made the entire procedure online which gave the existing customers an opportunity to easily get hold of the best books in a jiffy.

The most interesting part is that the five hardcover books that are selected for the customers as options is done by a panel of judges which keep changing every three to six months stretch. Moreover, to keep things spiced up John makes sure that every week they introduce a new celebrity guest judge for the selection procedure of the book.

John Lippman has been exclusively working on the new book of the month club and it is definitely growing rapidly. The reception of the newly re-launched club has been overwhelming and he continues to work harder and come-up with newer techniques to take the book of the month club to its peak.

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