Roberto Casula is Passionate about the Exposure and Future of Eni S.P.A


Roberto Casula, who can be considered as the main pillar of Eni S.P.A was born in Cagliari in the year 1962. After becoming a part of Eni in 1988 thereby joining the S.P.A as a Reservoir Engineer, he did not have to look back.

roberto casulaAfter making a fine start at Eni with the designation of Reservoir Engineer, Roberto Casula began to focus on his work in Italian Oilfields. This was followed by his migration to West Africa thereby becoming the Chief Development Engineer. Afterwards, he came back to Milan with the designation of coordinator of development concerning business in favour of Middle East and Africa.

After being designated as the Technical Service Manager relating to Headquarter, Casula became a gas project’s director on a large scale in 2001 at Middle East. This was followed by his grabbing of a number of posts relating to managerial position in Eni and E&P prior to his stepping in the shoes of the Eni’s Managing Director in 2005 at Libya.

The year 2007 is worth mentionable as Roberto Casula assumed the title of Vice President on senior level who was in charge of the operational with business deeds propagating in Sub-Saharan areas of Africa.

Designated as the Executive Vice President: The turning pointroberto casula

This perhaps led to his selection as the Decision-making Vice President (of Eni and E&P Division) in 2011 thus paving the way for the expansion of his tasks to the entire of Africa as well as that of Middle East including the unique program regarding the development relating to the discoveries of Coral and the detection of Mamba in Mozambique.

Beside this, Roberto Casula devoted the much of the precious time of his life for the progression and extension of Eni S.P.A which includes his own promotion in his level of designation. Behind all these things lies his concern for Eni.


According to him curiosity is the key which comes out anywhere at any time. He said that trends that are technological excite him much.

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