The formation and operation of International Fellowship of Christians and Jew

Since 1983, for many years, IFCJ has been a great organization in maintaining a healthy relation between Jews and Christians. They are a not-for-profit organization improving and increasing understanding and welfare between people of two great and majority faiths. IFCJ reviews, this organization has helped out many Jews and has provided them with better life and place to live which they can call home; they helped Jew who did not have money for even food or any place to stay. IFCJ reviewsThis organization also helped Jews living under stress, pressure, and abuse due to the different community by bringing them to the State of Israel and providing them with Employment and most importantly safety and security. This organization collects funds well over $100 million and more, out of which half Is used for the State of Israel, the other half is used for the poor, orphan and needy, for helping support soup kitchens, caretaking home and for newly making shelter’s for a bomb. About $25 million every year is spent on aid scheme for Jewish members. IFCJ reviewed that International Fellowship of Christians and Jews organization also help the victims of war which took place in Israel.

About the founder of International Fellowship of Christians and Jew Rabbi Eckstein

 IFCJ reviewsYechiel Z. Eckstein being a Social worker spent the whole of his life in bringing Jews and Christians together. IFCJ review He worked for the betterment and welfare of the people of the Jewish religion. He wanted a peaceful community in which Jews could be tolerated by other religion such as Christianity. IFCJ review, He lived from 1951-2019 and in these years he helped in the development of understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians. Throughout the world, he is known as the religious freedom advocate.

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