The Way in Which Roberto Casula Talks about Use of Innovation to Transform Energy Sectors  

Everyone knows well that the oil and gas industry has remained a bit stagnant when it comes to way of doing things. However according to Roberto Casula, innovations can bring about a great deal of change in which things are done in this particular industry. Roberto has to say that a balance needs to come when choosing some modus operandi to complete things. There is a need for cleaner as well as more diverse sources of energy. A simple equation of production and consumption no longer stands in today’s world. There are many other subsequent processes in the middle that are needed to be done properly now.

Finding the right balance

Roberto Casula

People all over the world according to Roberto need access to sustainable energy. The fight against climate change needs to be in progress always. It is the duty of companies to see that not only are they making profits but also have roper access to different energy sources.

Distribution of the energy

There would be a definite increase of population in the coming years. This will subsequently cause a spurt in demand for energy too. Rapid industrialization, too only further ensues that there would be high energy consumption in the future. The very experienced Robert therefore suggests that a balance needs to be present regarding distribution of energies between different countries.

Different aspects of the trade

Oil as well as other energy reserves is mainly involved in the practice of trading. Roberto Casula eni, being a very experienced observer of the markets all over the world has to say that East Africa has a very advantageous position location wise for conducting trades. The fact that Africa is a big store house of natural resources is always pointed out Roberto. He is always game for companies to set up more sites for further exploration in the continent, where he has spent many years.

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