Tips to avoid falling prey to scammed charities

Many people are showing interest in taking part in philanthropic activities. However, if you want to donate money, you cannot go blindly and donate to something without doing proper due diligence about the charity. It is very important to check the legitimacy of the charities.

IFCJ reviewsOne best way to check the trustworthiness of the charity is by going through the IFCJ reviews that are left by the donors who already worked with the charity and are working with it. This gives clear insights that let you decide on whether or not to donate funds.

As per IFCJ reviews, few of the tips you can embrace to avoid falling prey to the scammed charities include:

Find the charity doing extensive research: You need to do in-depth research for the charities that are supporting your favorite cause and how they are spending the money donated by the donors. The reliable charities will publish every piece of information on the site to maintain transparency. If the site is not publishing its phone number and physical address, then you can give a pass to it. You need to find the charities that are IRS approved. Though, the charity is listed on IRS, still you need to hunt for its information to check its efficiency and effectiveness.IFCJ reviews

Learn about the charity: You can check tax exempt status of the IFCJ reviews organization and whether it is eligible to get tax deductible charitable contributions. You can check whether the organization is listed on the IRS list or not. There are different types of non-profits, but not all the organizations will get tax exemption. The nonprofit should have 501 (c) (3).

Use watchdog sites: These are the third party organization that would supervise the charitable world. Based on the information given by these people you can make a right decision. These people will rank the charities based on the transparency, accountability and efficiency.

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