What made IFCJ very transparent?

Not many non-profits use the donations wisely and actually spend for what the donations are made by the donors. However, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is totally different in the way it operates. This will publish on how they have spent every penny that is donated by the donors. This is what makes them transparent and accountable. This is gaining the popularity as the most trustworthy charitable organization that is helping Jews to fight poverty. IFCJ ratingsThey are also helping people who are victims of Terrorism and wars by distributing meals, clothes and medicine to recover from the trauma.

Here is what made this non-profit organization very transparent

Has been added to the IRS Tax exempt IFCJ ratings list

The IRS will have a list of nonprofit organizations that would receive tax deductible charitable contributions. This non-profit organization is registered with 501(c ) (3) and its name appear on the list. The donors who are donating funds would get tax exemption by submitting this proof.

Has a good rating in charity watchdog sites

No one will rate the non-profit organization that is scamming the people’s money. This organization has got top ratings for maintaining transparency in the financial information and for being accountable for all their program activities. This site will give IFCJ ratings to the charitable organization based on their efficiency, transparency and accountability. IFCJ ratingsAs this organization has met all these three factors, therefore it has got a good rating. The donors are assured that their donations are well spent and are going into the programs. These people before rating will also take overhead expenses into consideration. The reputation of this IFCJ ratings organization has increased due to its good rating on watchdog sites.

Post 990 on the site

The IRS form 990 is a public document that is available to the common public on different websites. You can post this document on the site and make it available to your donors. These people also make the audit summary available on the site.

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